Tyrannosaurus rex

T rex

Basic Info
Type Predator

(Theropod: Coelurosaurian: Tyrannosaurid)

Time Period Late Cretaceous (Maastrichian)
Diet Carnivore (Hunter and Opportunistic scavenger)

Despite being a carnivore, Tyrannosaurus was second to Triceratops as the most abundant dinosaur genus in the Hell Creek formation.. Tyrannosaurus was a generalist: not partial to any sort of habitat and would readily feed on whatever suitable prey was available in it's environment.

T.rex growth was slow until they underwent a massive growth spurt around 15 years of age that continues until around 18 years of age. The juveniles were thin and gracile while the adults were bulkier and more robust.

Ecology in DinoSystem Edit

Tyrannosaurus is Dinosystem's largest carnivore. They are capable of bringing down adult Triceratops but prefer juvenile trikes and juvenile Ankylosaurus. Tyrannosaurus will also very readily scavenge whatever carrion they find if the opportunity presents itself (even the corpses of other Tyrannosaurus).

Males are dark green while females are brownish. Upon mating a female will choose a nest site to lay her eggs, usually under a tree, and stand guard without even leaving to hunt until they hatch (although they will readily take advantage of nearby carrion or water). Upon hatching the young prefer forage on their own but if the young cannot find food then the mother may regurgitate for them if she was more successful. They remain with their mother for awhile but if the mother dies the young can fend for themselves.

Youngsters can kill very young Triceratops but older animals are too much for them to handle.

Strategy in Dinosystem Survival Edit

Both adult and young Tyrannosaurus will readily attack the player, but if a player can injure a Tyrannosaur enough then it will retreat. However the adults are much harder to injure while youngsters often hang around by their mothers. Though adults do far more direct damage than youngsters, the injuries caused by a youngsters should not be taken lightly.

A Tyrannosaur is a source of meat if the player can kill it. Youngsters are far easier to hunt but their mothers will aggressively protect them. Fortunately youngsters often wander away from their mothers when in search of food.

Tyrannosaurus eggs can also be eaten, but the protective mother guards them and rarely leaves them alone. So, unless starving, it's probably best to avoid a Tyrannosaurus nest.

So you know Tyrannosaurus's in this game are strong enough already,at young age already around 250 health,they have a chance to pick you up instead of attacking and continuously do about 10 damage with no toughness,and while they do scream.

Resources Edit

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