Pectinodon Bakkeri


Basic Info
Type Predator

(Theropod: Coelurosaurian: Troodontid)

Time Period Late Cretaceous (Maastrichian)
Diet Carnivore (Hunter and Opportunistic scavenger

Closely related to the more well known Troodon formosus of the two medicine and Dinosaur Park formations. It likely had similar reproductive lifestyle. Nests contained up to 24 eggs which were laid in pairs. A fossil on top of a nest shows that Troodon brooded their nests (possibly done by males as happens in modern ratites), likely for between 45 to 65 days. It took about five years for Troodon to reach adulthood. Troodontids were likely omnivorous in real life.

Ecology in DinoSystem Edit

Troodons,if gathered up will attack the player and can turn overwhelming,so it is best to avoid large groups of them. They will defend their eggs and guard them actively,so be aware. They will scavenge only unless they are killing and eating the player.

Strategy in Dinosystem Survival Edit

Troodons are the weakest dinosaur in the game and when adult only have 75 hp and around 10 damage. They are generally a great source of food,pelt,and tendon but can get pretty hard to kill when grouped up since they will attack,run,and repeat. They guard their eggs but a lot of times the mother will walk away to eat and such,they are a great food source but the mother will protect them if you steal one,although she can be dealt with a spear,that is if no other troodons are nearby. For a single troodon you may just brave it with a spear,sometimes even just your hands!

Resources Edit