• Hey! I am hoping to reformat and update this wiki so that it can stay up to date with all the new changes. It looks like the main pages are locked so they cannot be updated to reflect any of the changes being made. Not sure if you are still active, but allowing someone to 'take your leave' might be appreciated so that this wiki can be kept current.

    CheersĀ :D

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    • Sorry for late reply, I didn't know anyone was interested in this wiki. I unlocked the main page for you and sometime next week look into making other changes for anyone interested in continuing this wiki.

      I also added Troodon page. However, although I referred to it as Pectinodon with Troodon as a nickname instead of specific genus, I'm wondering if the dev might have given up on having Dinosystem represent Hell Creek formation (for example, recently Daniel called the pterosaur "Pteranodon", even though it's not known from that time period) and instead is just having it be generic late cretaceous North America.

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