Time Speed Edit

Located at the bottom left of the screen during god mode, this tool allows the player to either pause the game during god mode or alter how fast time goes by in the game. The options include Speed 1x (Normal speed), Speed 5x, Speed 10x and Speed 20x; the numbers representing how many times faster that option is than normal speed.

Weather Tool Edit

Located at the bottom right of the screen during god mode, this tool allows the player to alter the current weather. However, it does not alter the climate so the changes caused by player are short term and quickly revert to normal once the player stops altering them. In this tool are four bars that control the variables that influence the weather. When the weather changes on its own naturally the bar will also change depending on the current variables. The player can move the bar to alter those variables briefly.

Rain Edit

This bar of the weather tool allows the player to alter how hard it rains (or if the temperature is low, how hard it snows). Harder rain allows for ponds to form faster and lessen aridity faster.

Wind Edit

This bar of the weather tool briefly alters how fast the wind is moving. Wind slightly decreases the current temperature, causes trees to sway and leaves to blow away.

Humidity Edit

Temperature Edit

This bar of the weather tool briefly alters the overall temperature in the ecosystem. Temperature impacts decay and aridity rates, chances and strength of wildfires and the chance of snow or rain. Unlike the other bars which go from 0% to 100%, the temperature bar goes from -24C to 46C (-10F to 115F).

Summon Lightning Edit

By pressing the space button during god mode the player can create a lightning bolt at the location of where the cursor is on the screen.

Object Movement Edit

With the exceptions of soil, ocean water and the volcano, the player can left click on any object in the ecosystem (e.g animals, plants, boulders, ponds and etc.) during god mode and move it around.

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