Araucaria sp.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Basic Info
Type Plant
Time Period Time Period: Late Cretaceous to Modern Era

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Plants of the genus Araucaria, more commonly known as "Monkey Puzzle Trees", are gymnosperms that appeared during the Jurassic period. The family it belongs to, Araucariacea, is one of four conifer families documented from the Hell Creek Formation.

They survived the KP-g extinction and are still extant. However they no longer occur in the Northern Hemisphere. Certain modern species grow in temperate regions and are very tolerant of fire. They produce cones that contain edible seeds which are an important food source for humans.

Ecology in Dinosystem Edit

Conifers are trees that prefer hot climates with type 1 fertility. While saplings are browsed upon by herbivorous dinosaurs, fully grown trees are tall enough to avoid them. Their fruit is also readily fed upon by herbivorous dinosaurs.

Strategy in Dinosystem SurvivalEdit

Conifers are source of edible fruit, although the fruit is not a nutritious as meat or eggs. Conifers can also be harvested from for leaves & branches to make tools or use as fire fuel. Conifers can also be cut down with axes to obtain wood to use as fire fuel.


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